Wordwynn: Wynsum weġ tō ealdum Englisce


Fritz Stieleke


Altenglisch, English language, Old Englisch, ca. 450-1100, English, Self-instruction, Sound recordings for English speakers, Spoken English, Textbooks for foreign speakers


Wordwynn is a textbook of Old English that concentrates on the Old English language as a medium of everyday communication. It wants to enable its readers to form and speak a stock of simple Old English sentences in basic speech situations. If you read all the texts and do all the exercises, at the end of this language course you will be able to answer in OE a personal questionnaire.

Of course, this book is also meant to teach some basic Old English grammar and vocabulary. In this book, Old English grammar is not taught in a systematic way. In the grammar tables at the end of the book, at least the nouns, adjectives and pronouns are never treated in an isolated way as in traditional grammars, they are always embedded in whole sentences. It is not necessary to present the grammar tables to the participants of a Wordwynn course in a fixed sequence. The teacher is free to use them whenever he thinks it is suitable. But you can be sure that at the end of the language course, the participants will know the most important things about OE grammar.

All lesson texts have been spoken and recorded by the author. In each lesson you will find an audio button X that you can click on to get to the respective audio file.

This book is suited to self-learners and to students of Old English classes as well. The learners don't need any additional material to be able to understand the lesson texts or to do all the exercises. All Old English and Modern English sentences in the exercises are translated into Modern English or vice versa in the keys. And all words in the word lists are explained as to their grammatical form. This book might be also interesting to all people who learned Old English in the past and want to refresh there knowledge of Old English in an entertaining way.

Teachers can use this book as the basic textbook in an Old English class. They are also free to use additional material. They can also use this book as a companion to another textbook of their own choice.

Wordwynn wants to be a gōd gefēra 'good companion' to all people who enjoy reading and speaking words and sentences in the beautiful language of Old English.


Please note:

1) To be able to listen to the sound files embedded in this

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2) Two fonts have been especially developed for this book, 

    a rune font and an insular font. They are attached to

    the pdf file and can also be downloaded.

Stieleke, Fritz: Wordwynn


April 8, 2022


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