Borderlands: Performative Acts Across Language, Culture and Media


Eva Ulrike Pirker (editor)
Kathrin Hettrich (editor)
Leslie Fried (editor)


The contributions to this volume emerged from a seminar project that explored processes of translation, adaptation and performance and investigated moments of signification emerging from cultural, linguistic and medial borderlands. The podcast scripts, interviews and introductory reflections assembled here raise such questions as: What happens in the ‘spaces between’ that open up in processes of transposition, translation or intermedial transfer? How do those spaces influence the construction and consolidation of language and forms of articulation, how do they impact conceptions of identity and alterity? And to what extent do those borderlands of linguistic, literary and medial re-creation reflect back on the ever-shifting conditions of human existence and conviviality?




November 4, 2022


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